Wedding List

Congratulations on your engagement

We recognise that some couples already possess many of the items which they will need to begin their new lives together, and so we have a great alternative to the traditional Wedding list - Our Honeymoon Wedding list!

Your friends and relatives can choose to contribute towards the cost of your honeymoon via our easy-to-use, secure and complimentary online facility.


How it works

  • As the bride and groom, you choose and book your honeymoon as normal, and will be responsible for paying the deposit due and the final balance.
  • Your consultant will help to devise your customised wedding list and will create a dedicated webpage for you. They will send you your logon details where you will have the chance to change your welcome message, picture and also create a message which your guests will see once they have made a purchase.
  • You will have a unique URL which you can send to your guests where they will be able access your list and make a gift contribution with an accompanying message. They can also print their own voucher to present to you on your big day.
  • Your list will remain open until an agreed time, after which we will forward you the amount pledged, along with a final statement which will include details of those who contributed.
  • You can access your list as often as you like to see how things are progressing, and because the process is online, there are no administration charges to pay.